Dispatch Direct provides comprensive management of the Field Services. Features include

Graphical Dispatch Board

  • Daily Dispatch Board displays details for a single date
  • Multi-Day Board displays multiple days
  • Summary Board displays totals for a birds eye view of scheduled activity looking forward or in the past.
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Easy to move to any date
  • User definable options for what info to display on the board
  • Technicians can be filtered by a number of fields including Department, Territory, Skill Sets, etc.
  • Multiple Dispatch Boards can be setup with different options

Folder/Grid/Report Customizations

  • Forms can be added or modified as needed
  • Grids can be modified to show add/remove columns as needed or show in a preferred order.
  • New Data Grids can be created to show needed info in fewer steps.
  • Built-In Report Writer can be used to create new reports or modify printouts, such as Work Order Printouts or Invoices.

User Rights Management

  • Each employee entered in Dispatch Direct is assigned a User Login and a User Group. The User Group a user belongs to determines what they can and cannot see and what can and cannot do. For example, you may have a user that you would like to be able to Add/Edit/Delete Service Calls but not be able to change any Customer information.
  • Since the employee record is tied to Konya Escort the User Login, the application knows who the user is. This allows us to have user-sensitive grids. For example, for salespeople, you could have a grid named “My Customers”. When a salesperson opens this grid, it will only display Customers where the user is set as the Salesperson.

Service Call Form

  • The Service Call form is used to Edit/Edit scheduled activity. A Service Call could be scheduling one Field Technician for one hour or many Field Technicians for many days.
  • Location History can be easily viewed, along with other information related to the Location (Support Contracts, Equipment on Site, Linked Documents, etc.)

Service/Support Contracts

  • Schedule Planned Maintenance Service Calls
  • Track what Equipment is covered by the Contract and which specific Service Calls they will be inspected on.
  • Create recurring Invoices for the Contract (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, etc.)
  • Ability to Renew Contracts eliminates the need to re-enter Contract Info (PM Calls, Invoice Info, etc.)


  • Proposals can be created and tracked.
  • Salespeople can have easy access to just their proposals.
  • Multiple Proposal printouts can be created
  • Reports are available to Konya Escort Bayan analyze Proposal performance
  • Service Calls can be easily created from winning Proposals to eliminate need to re-enter information.

Street Mapping

  • Street Level Mapping is built into Dispatch Direct.
  • Users can view a Map with Scheduled Service Calls for a specified date displayed
  • Field Technician Home locations can also be viewed.
  • Functions are included to find “closest to”, i.e. when scheduling a site visit, user can find the nearest site visit already scheduled.


  • Invoices can easily be created for Service Calls.
  • Labor Hours entered on the Service Call can be added as Invoice line items in just a couple clicks.
  • A Parts list is used for entering Material or other charges
  • Customer based pricing is tightly integrated to streamline invoicing for Customers with special pricing. Custom Pricing can be based on specified classes of Customers (i.e. Customers with Preventative Maintenance Contracts) or specific to a single Customer.
  • Multiple Invoice Printout formats can be created if needed.
  • Invoices (as with any Printout) can be easily emailed with just a couple clicks


  • Auto-Emails can be setup to notify personnel of activity, for example send a salesperson an email when a Site Visit is scheduled for one of their Customers.
  • Field Technicians can be sent weekly emails with their Hours and Expenses for the Week. This can helpful when processing payroll.
  • Scheduled Emails can be sent to remind employees of items needed actions, for example, Service Calls missing necessary information or overdue Planned Maintenance Service Calls.

Text Messaging

  • Text Messages can be sent directly from Dispatch Direct. Users can send Field Technicians a Text Message from the Konya Gerçek Escort Service Call Site Visit tab that will automatically include specified information from the Call.
  • General Text Messages can be sent to any employee (or group of employees) setup for Text Messages.

Mobile App

  • A Mobile App is available for Field Technicians. Field Techs can view their scheduled Site Visits, enter their hours, parts used, and work performed description.
  • Mobile users will also have access to Customer Equipment details, Call History for the Location and other information.
  • Customer signatures can be captured along with photos

Linked Documents

  • Any computer file can be linked to a Service Call, Customer, Location, Technician or Proposal or easy access.