Please let us know of any questions you may have.  Below are some common inquiries.

Does Dispatch Direct link to Accounting Software packages?

We link to a number of different accounting systems, including Quickbooks, ComputerEase, Jonas, Spectrum and others.  If we do not currently have a link to your accounting software, chances are we can create one.

Is Dispatch Direct installed locally or is it hosted.

Both.  Generally, the software is installed locally, but we also offer hosting services.  We can also help you setup the software on your own hosted servers if needed.

Can existing information be imported into Dispatch Direct?

Absolutely.  As long as data is available in some type of computer format, we can import into Dispatch Direct to minimize initial data entry.  This can include Customers, Equipment, Field Technicians, Support Contracts, Service Histories, etc.

My company has very specific requirements.  Can Dispatch Direct handle these?

Dispatch Direct out of the box is very configurable with numerous options and the ability to create/edit folders, data grids, printouts, forms, etc.  When necessary, we offer custom coding services to enable functionality not currently available.