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Dispatch Direct’s easy-to-use interface has just gotten easier with Dispatch Direct’s Mobile Solutions. Wireless, real-time communication is now available for your mobile workforce. Having the ability to dispatch job information to service people in the field and workers being able to quickly respond back, can lead to dramatic increases in overall efficiency and productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs.

According to an Aberdeen Report, companies employing Mobile Field Service solutions have realized (on average):

  • 27% improvement in worker productivity
  • 19% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 17% increase in overall profitability
  • 13% increase in service revenues

These statistics emphasize the importance of technology in the Field Service industry.  By replacing paper-based forms and communication processes with mobile and wireless technologies, companies can immediately realize significant benefits through field service automation.

With Dispatch Direct’s Mobile Solutions, GPS data* is directly imported into Dispatch Direct from the field providing real-time, resource positions. Field technicians can receive and transmit important job-related information, change the status of work orders, get location updates, receive up-to-the-minute details and revision of work orders and be in constant communication with headquarters, should questions come up while at a job site.

Dispatch Direct’s Mobile Solutions allows you to expand your communication beyond the desk, beyond the office and into the hands of your field workers.

Dispatch Direct Mobile Solutions puts real-time information into the hands of field service personnel. Now field resources can:

  • View appointments. Driver’s can see detailed information of all their scheduled appointments as well as those from the previous day, the next day and all appointments stored on the device. The information includes location name, address, phone numbers, the type of appointment, directions and other information pertinent to the job.
  • Mark the time they arrived at an appointment, mark the time they left the appointment and indicate the work they performed at the appointment.
  • Sends GPS data to server for tracking*

All this data can be sent in real-time to the Dispatch Direct database via a Blackberry device.

*GPS enabled devices only

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